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Our Website Design and Development Process

Deciding upon the right company to design your website can be a challenge and for some people it can be very daunting. Bliss web design makes it as painless and simple as possible for all our customers. The involvement you have in the process is entirely up to you and we will make it as straightforward as possible.

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Information Gathering and Planning

The first thing we need to know is if you already have a domain name for the web site you want us to design for you. If you don't, we can help you find the most appropriate one for your site and register it for you.

It is important that we understand your business; its needs, its objectives, your target audience and what you want to accomplish from your website. We can then start to help you achieve these goals. Your global location nowadays is not important as we can communicate easily and efficiently via email and telephone.

With the information gathered, we will have a good idea of the content of your site and the number of pages that are required to get across what you and your business is all about. We will then produce the first draft of your web site and upload it to one of our development sites for you to have a look at.

Design and Development

Having reviewed the first draft of your site it is vital to give us plenty of feedback to ensure that the final website will match your needs and tastes. We work closely with you exchanging ideas, fine tuning the design and layout until we arrive at the look and feel that you are looking for from your website.

Once the final design is established, we can start developing the site further by adding content and distribute it throughout the site. Elements such as interactive contact forms, images, videos and links are implemented and made functional during this phase.

During the design and development process, your website is visible to you on your allotted development site. At this stage you can also review, provide feedback and suggest any additional modifications or adjustments you would like to have.

Testing and delivering

Once we have final approval from you, we will start to test the site making sure the forms and scripts are functioning correctly, look for any compatibility issues and ensure that your website is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions and is W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) compliant.

If you already have a web hosting service we will upload your site to their server. If not, we can host the site for you on our own hosting service. By using our hosting service, it will be less complicated and easier to access if we need to make any future modifications or add-ons that you may require as your business grows. Once the site has been uploaded to the server, it is then published and viewable to the public and is a working website.

SEO (search engine optimization) and Maintenance

This is the optimization of you website with elements such as title description and keyword tags which are within the structure of the site and only seen by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These help them recognise what your website is about and if built, correctly achieves higher rankings.

All our sites are optimized well before being published but still need working on to get that higher ranking. Being able to get onto the first page of a search engines results, using the particular keywords relevant to your site will be very important. Your site will also need to be submitted to these search engines and online directories.

Bliss Web Design are more than happy to continue working with you once your site is live; optimizing and submitting your website to the search engines and updating information on your web site.

After working closely and building a good working relationship with you, we will have created a productive web site that will help your business grow. Our ultimate goal is to build websites that stand out and are successful in both the short and long term. Your success is our success.

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