Our Web Design Process

Deciding on the right company to design your website can be challenging and daunting. Bliss Web Design makes it as painless and straightforward as possible.

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Information Gathering and Planning

We need to know if you already have a domain name for the website you wish us to design. If not, we can find the most appropriate one for your site and help get it registered.

We need to be familiar with your business, its needs, objectives, target audience, and what you want your website to achieve. We can then help you realise these goals.

With an understanding of your business, we will produce a skeleton site (its basic structure, no content), which will include your logo, colours, navigation and footer. We will then upload it to one of our development sites to view.

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Design and Development

Once you have reviewed the skeleton site, you must give us as much feedback as possible to ensure that your website looks the way you want it. We will work closely with you, exchanging ideas and fine-tuning the design and layout until we arrive at the look you are after.

Once the basic design is agreed upon, we can develop the site further by adding written content and elements such as interactive contact forms, images, videos, links etc. Your website is visible to you on an allotted development site during the design and development process. You can review, provide feedback and suggest any additional modifications or adjustments you would like to see.

Testing and Delivering

Once we have final approval from you, we will test the site's forms and scripts to look for any compatibility issues. Ensure that your website is optimised to view in all browser versions and any screen size.

We will upload your site to your server if you already have web hosting. If not, we can host the site for you. Using our hosting service will be less complicated and easier to access if we need to make any future modifications or add-ons that you may require as your business grows. Once the site is uploaded to its server, it is viewable to the public and a functional website.

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SEO (search engine optimisation) and Maintenance

SEO optimises your website with elements such as title description and keyword tags within the site's structure and backend, seen by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These help them understand your website and correctly categorise it. This, in turn, achieves higher rankings for your site. All our sites are optimised before being published.