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A little bit about Bliss Web Design

Bliss Web Design was formed in 2012 by Paul Bliss, with the aim of providing high quality web services to trades people, start-up businesses, sole-traders and independent retailers. We are committed to developing individual web sites that are custom made to each client's needs and in keeping with their budgets.

Image of Paul Bliss, founder of Bliss Web Design

"I have chosen to concentrate on designing websites for trades people and small business as I feel I understand the needs of these types of businesses. I have dealt with them for many years and consider that I work well with them. I understand that they are not interested in jargon and technical terminology, just honest, straightforward advice and prices with no hidden costs. Ultimately, they want a well-built website that's going to increase their sales and give them a solid presence on the internet.

We understand that all of our customers have individual requirements and therefore tailor their services accordingly to meet all the customers needs. We understand that the extent of our success will depend on the service that we give our customers. We are committed to working hard to maintain a good reputation. We realise that the best way to grow our business is by repeated business and word of mouth from our customers; therefore every customer is appreciated and important to us.